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Rocks and dancing

After a struggle to get up with so many aching muscles, we headed down to breakfast for around half seven to fill our boots with the strangest looking pancakes known to man. More like fried pitta bread smothered in honey.

After breakfast we headed to the site of the project we have been working on at the primary school. We worked for hours shovelling rocks and dirt to make cement whilst embarrassingly dancing to Justin Bieber playing from the local shop.

We were lucky to see the children excitedly preparing for a ceremony to celebrate their hard work which was really sweet.

We stopped for fresh fruit and then continued our work until lunch. Lunch was potatoes stuffed with a soya meat substitute and vegetables with beetroot on the side – amazing as always!

After lunch we worked until around half three where I showed off my strength by pushing wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of rocks up a hill which before that had taken six other people to take one up.

It was hilarious watching Mrs brunt dance too.

After work we went back to our rooms to collect money for the local market. We dressed up in traditional clothing and had traditional dancing lessons around the square – it was incredible to see our team and the locals bonding.

After the market we headed back for Alpaca steak and vegetables (or the vegetarian option in my case was vegetable stew with rice – still wonderful).

An amazing day but very ready for bed!

Missing family, love you lots.

– Annise

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