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Working and trekking

Wake up was once again the news been aired over the speakers at some ridiculous hour in the morning. Thankfully, a delicious breakfast was waiting for us – fruit salad and/or sugar puffs!

We set off early for our projects; like yesterday we went off to our two different projects: the culture centre, and the primary school.

At the culture centre we dug the trenches as deep as we could, not helped by ginormous rocks moulded into the wall that unfortunately kept it standing! At the primary school, we again mixed cement for the foundations, though with a break to dance with the local children, who showed us up with their amazing dance skills!!
A few people went to the local high school to teach English to the children; the year sevens were enthusiastic, the year tens less so!

Lunch was extremely welcome to all – we all made our own sandwiches, which were delicious!

After another two hours working, we had a short break before heading out for a trek across the valley.

Pinchollo, the village where the camp is, is in the widest bit of the canyon, so we trekked across to the centre of the canyon where the views are incredible – we saw right across the canyon, and the Incan military base and terraces.

After the tiring, but still fantastic trek back up the side of the valley, we all went for our well deserved tea – spaghetti pomodora.

Today has been exhausting, but brilliant!!

– Rebekah Lally

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  1. Clare Lally

    Glad that you have had a fruitful and fun-packed day and sound as if you are having a marvellous time.