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Flying high

Day 6

We’ve had a good day today.

We started the day at 07:30 with a breakfast of scrambled eggs, ham and bread. At 08:30 we set off to our final day of work in the beautiful Colca Canyon.

As the other team were away on a trek we were left to work on the irrigation channel, primary school and cultural centre. I was on the irrigation channel and we got a lot of work done, even with the sore muscles from the week’s work.

We had a free afternoon and a lot of people did washing or read books for the afternoon. At around 16:00 we went to see the people of the town make an offering to the natural elements of the canyon. During this I saw an Andean Hawk which was the highlight of my time here and my new favourite animal.

After this we went for tea of chicken wraps and prepared for tomorrow’s trek.

– Joe Harper

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  1. Rob Harper

    Sounds like you’re all having a great time and working hard. Really good to hear what you’re up to. Enjoy the trek.