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Fiestas Patrias

Day 12

Woken up by the bus outside our room at 5:45. Kept awake until 7 we went to breakfast and had Peruvian pancakes.

After breakfast we headed over to work where we continued to build the greenhouse we were working on. During work many of us reminisced some quality childhood TV which passed the time.

Today was Independence day in Peru so we finished work early and went back for the volleyball tournament in which our team won.

Shortly after this we joined the fiestas patrias celebrations where we learnt about the history of Peru and we also saw some of the traditional dances.


Tea followed with a buffet of traditional food and classic Inca Kola.

– Tom Richardson (Rico).

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  1. Jane Richardson

    Cola and volleyball, you could be anywhere in the world but in actual fact you are in the middle of your greatest adventure yet. So proud of you all for wanting to be part of such a wonderful experience. Love to Rico xx