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Celebrations (and new projects)

Day 11

Woke up at 6am to ‘happy birthday’ from my room mates.

Birthday breakfast was sugar puffs and fruit, which was delicious.

We headed off to our project, which was a 30 minute walk away, we split into 3 groups all of which were serious building projects, my team were building an animal shelter. I moved thousands of bricks with lots of motivation from my fellow team members, who also sang ‘happy birthday’ to me every hour.

After finishing project work for the day we all walked back to camp for a well deserved game of volley ball, which of course we won.

I talked to mum on the phone which was awesome and emotional.

The camp dinning room was decorated with balloons and once again when I entered the whole group sang to me, which was a bit embarrassing but really nice. We had chicken fajitas for tea and even a birthday cake which I had to bite into as it’s a Peruvian tradition, I got cake all over my face and even up my nose.

The girls put together and bought me a scarf, the teachers bought me some sweets and the kitchen staff made me a bracket.

I have had a really special day and can’t believe how lucky I am to have my birthday with really special people in a fabulous place, even though I am missing home!

– Hattie X

Camp Titicaca - view of the lake

Camp Titicaca – view of the lake

4 Responses

  1. Alice Ingram

    Wow, that sounds amazing and certainly a birthday you’ll always remember! Congratulations!

  2. Sarah Braitgwsite

    It was lovely to speak to you on your birthday Hattie – a very kind gesture from Marc. Thank you.
    Birthday celebrations in Peru sound the best! And so many gifts from friends and staff! I’m sure you will treasure your gifts and memories. We are missing you too and can’t wait for the stories when you are home. Love from us all.
    Mum xxx

  3. Clare Lally

    That view is absolutely amazing. Happy birthday to Hattie from Rebekah’s family. What a memorable birthday it will be.