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Travel to Camp Colca

We woke up at the crack of dawn to the inevitable banging on the door signalling for us to get out of the comfort of our beds. This was at 6:30am giving us a short 30 minutes to pack our bags, have a quick wash and get to breakfast. By the time we finished breakfast (scrambled eggs and some weird tasting tea again) we were getting ready for another 4 hours of travelling.

We got on the bus and set off into the desert surrounding Arequipa. It was pretty uneventful only passing one protest on the way which was apparently common for the area. A few hours in we reached the edge of the Andes which forced us to go pretty high over a short period of time which did become quite noticeable on our breathing. At around 2 we arrived at our camp for 6 nights – Pinchollo, Colca Vally.

As soon as we settled in we went to the community hut to be briefed.

– Brendan Raistrick


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  1. Anna Rees

    Hope you are all well and getting acclimatised. Scarlett make sure you take lots of photographs for those of us, who wish we were there! Take care everyone x