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Machu Picchu

We’ve just finished our trek with Salkantay trekking, we’ve all completed the momentous climb to one of the 7 wonders. We walked nearly 80km, To complete it we had to climb a mountain called the gringo Killer, it lived up to its name. Some students were on horses but we all made it to the 4600 m point, which is the highest point we would trek to.

We walked from the icy glaciers to the Peruvian rainforest within a day. We walked to the valley bottom but that only meant we had to walk back up on the very humid third day.

The fourth day we walked along the train tracks, the train tracks that are currently carrying us home. By the final day everyone is shattered and broken but a 4am birthday cake for Mable heightened spirits.


After queuing in the pitch black we finally started the 5km up hill stretch. 5km of stairs. By the time we reached Machu Picchu the sun had risen and the view of the forgotten world was amazing.

Overall despite the challenges mentally and physically we have all united and we made this life changing journey together with the help of our incredible guides.

The people of salkantay looked after our every need despite the early mornings and lack of toilet paper. Our chef Ivan was outstanding, consistent 3 course meals. I can imagine feeding 30 teenagers is a difficult task.

Many people found these 5 days the most enjoyable part of this journey, making friends for life.

– Scarlett, Eleanor, Jake