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Web Design Requirements

School Website Requirements


There are a number of key elements of content that need to be considered when developing a school website. The following is a list of statutory requirements that must be met. The full details of a schools legal responsibilities are listed here…

  • School contact details
  • Admission arrangements
  • Ofsted reports
  • Exam and assessment results
  • Performance tables
  • Curriculum
  • Behaviour policy
  • Pupil premium
  • Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium
  • PE and sport premium for primary schools
  • Special educational needs (SEN) report
  • Charging and remissions policies
  • Values and ethos
  • Requests for copies – If a parent requests a paper copy of the information on your school’s website, you must provide this free of charge.

It is also worth noting that during the trial of 35 no notice inspections Ofsted selected 11 schools primarily because they were failing in their legal duty to publish their curriculum plans on their website.

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The following is a list of suggestions provided on the Clerk to Governors website and recommends other elements to consider when developing your school website:

  • A domain name that makes sense to visitors
  • Responsive website design – content automatically adjusts to the screen size of the device being used to view the site.
  • Headteacher’s name with first name or initial (Mrs J Smith or Mr Richard Jones)
  • Names of staff, including teachers, teaching assistants, midday supervisors, caretaker, with responsibilities (Head of Y6, SENCO, Science Coordinator)
  • Annual Governance statement, including a list of governors, with a pen sketch of their experience, and photographs. Record of their attendance at meetings.
  • Governors’ page, with information about the role of the Governing Body, how to become a Governor, forthcoming meeting dates and non-confidential minutes
  • Google maps link. Directions, especially if parking or access are complicated.
  • Information about disabled access
  • Events calendar (eg Sporting fixtures)
  • Term dates for the next two years
  • Times of school day, lessons, and assemblies
  • After school clubs, and extra curricular activities
  • Complaints policy
  • A link to your VLE, with instructions on how to get a parent’s password
  • Newsletter and copies of letters to parents
  • Link to Parent View (Picture links available from Ofsted for a Parent View logo)
  • The published information that demonstrates the school’s compliance with the Public Sector Equality Duty, and the equality objectives that have been set. These are statutory requirements, with a recommendation that they be “published” on the school website.
  • Your twitter feed, if you have one.
  • Uniform list, with contact details for local suppliers (& downloadable order form)
  • Downloadable permission slips for school trips (not legally necessary)
  • A homework timetable, with handing in dates. Spellings lists.
  • Information about the PTA or Parents Forum
  • Gallery of children’s work
  • Links to Local Authority Schools website and Gov.UK education pages
  • This week’s lunch menu
  • Snow and bad weather policy, with a link to the local radio station Snow Line
  • School policies: Anti-bullying policy etc
  • Secure area for Governors, with all policies and their review cycle, SDP, committee and GB minutes, links to Modern Governor or GEL e-learning logins, LA Governor Services, the Governors’ Handbook, NGA, training courses and contact details for the GB.
  • A governors’ blog

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